Giant Asian Hornet Trap

Easily Catch Giant Asian Hornet with Our Bottle Trap

Extra lures are available separately


Product Specifications

  1. Remove label from a clear 2-litre (64 fl oz) plastic bottle. You may use a smaller
    (1-litre, 32 fl. oz) bottle.
  2. Insert funnel.
  3. Cut one corner of the lure and squeeze attractant carefully into the bottle. Add
    the sugar.
  4. Make sure you remove the funnel.
  5. Add 1 ¾ cups (450 ml) of water, (250 ml, 32 fl. oz of water if using a smaller
  6. Bait spear with a piece of barbecued meat. Gently slide it in the bottle with point
  7. Place platform (rectangle) over the neck of bottle.
  8. Screw T-gate onto bottle.
  9. Stand on smooth surface or thread twist tie (supplied) through trap and hang it at
    1.5 m (5 ft) above ground away from areas frequented by people.
  10. Wash hands thoroughly after set up.
  11. Empty bottle and change lures every 10 – 14 days.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store in dry and cool place.
  • Seek medical attention if stung.
  • Do not trap if allergic.

Why Use Our Giant Asian Hornet Trap?

Easy To Use

Contains No Pesticides


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