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Increase the probability of catching honey bee swarms


Temporary replacement of the Queen

Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap

Catch these pesky insects.


A unique pollination enhancement spray

We Stand with Ukraine

Supporting the continuing efforts and support delivering assistance to projects generated by Canadians to Ukraine. Stop Russian Aggression! A portion of the sales goes to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

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Jan - Salt Spring Island, BC
“Fabulous product!”
Remo from Victoria wrote:
“Thank you for your amazing product.  I have been using this product for many years and I swear by this product. I have tried every product on the market but nothing catches wasp as well and in large quantities as your product.  I tell everyone about this product (and my personal/ experience regarding the success of this product) and have given free traps to some of my neighbours to try.  I now have them convinced that this is the ONLY product they buy.”
Laura and Len from Chilliwack wrote:
“Large numbers of yellowjackets congregated on our patio. Once put up the traps they were caught within hours. The Catchy yellowjacket trap solved our wasp problem.”

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